An Emotional Launch for Local Calendar

Blokes Calendar - Andrea and Jess Janek during their heartfelt speech

Andrea and Jess Janek during their heartfelt speech

The official launch of the Rainbow Beach Blokes Calendar held at the Sports Club on Sunday 20 November was, to say the least, a very successful event.

The cause brought the community together and the restaurant area was jam packed. The crowd enjoyed the two hours: smiling, giggling, tearing up, and listening to the heartfelt speeches.

The 2023 calendar models were all wearing the Blokes shirt stating their name and month and the crowd happily applauded them.

Andrea and Jess Janek shared their unconditional pain for losing Timmy in such a tragic way, they also shared their gratitude for this project and for Elisa Seul and Jess McKenzie’s hard work in making the calendar happen and raising awareness on mental health.

A poignant moment of the afternoon was when true local Dave Arthur shared his story; he described the dark place you are sent into when diagnosed with a terminal illness. The same dark place he fell into when apprised of Timmy’s gesture.

Physical health and mental health are intertwined and cannot be treated separately. Dave talked a lot about effort and seeing the blessing of waking up every day.

The Rainbow Beach Blokes need to develop into a way to leave a legacy, we have many local heroes and inspiring characters here, we must acknowledge them, connect them, and support them.

Even guest speaker from the Sunshine Coast Sam Parker, founder of the mateship movement Grab Life By The Balls, was impressed and blown away by the local support.

Buy your calendar here: It would make a great Christmas present!

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