A new Nippers season and a carnival!

Matilda Duggan competed well for the RBSLSC at last year’s Nipper Carnival

Matilda Duggan competed well for the RBSLSC at last year’s Nipper Carnival

How many sports involve only a two hour commitment per week, cost only $165 (that’s not per child, but per family!) and involve mandatory time at the beach?

It sounds good, because it is! The Rainbow Beach Nippers program is for boys and girls aged between 5 and 13 years of age (age as at September 30).

Helen Brown has taken on the Co-ordinator for 2017/2018 season and, as the previous administrator for the SLSC in Rainbow Beach, Helen says, “We are very excited to see all your lovely faces again!”

Helen says the Rainbow Beach Nippers Carnival is scheduled for October 14, so be prepared for lots of visitors to town. Hundreds of families meet on the beach for the first Nippers event of the season.

Nippers is a fun program designed to teach kids surf safety and awareness. They learn the traditional surf sports such as surf swimming, board riding, beach flags and sprints.

Help wanted for Nippers carnival

Tracey Hethorn is organising the food stall. If people are interested in helping baking, including slices and cupcakes for the officials, packing lunch bags on Friday 13, and on Saturday 14, making wraps, burgers and selling food – please call 5483 7333 so Tracey can organise the roster.

Membership cost is $50 Nippers, $165 Family, $65 Associate and $65 for Active Seniors. This entitles the member to full club membership and use of surf club equipment.

It includes all training, insurance cover and SLSA affiliation fees for each member. It is a requirement that for each family of Nippers that at least one parent must join as an Associate Member.

Says Helen, “I am really looking forward to a great fun season and getting to know you all.”

So come and join our friendly Nippers Club and call: Pauline: 07 5486 3249


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