A busy month for Coast Guard

As summer approaches our boating community should ensure their Marine Assist memberships are current, as you never know when you will need our assistance.

Recently QF17 were called out to assist a vessel in the early hours of the morning who had come to grief at Double Island Point. The crew onboard were safely transferred to our vessel and we provided a pump to keep the stricken vessel afloat.

Sea conditions were rough and it was half light. This incident emphasised the benefit of a thermal imaging camera for rescue operations. We are presently fundraising and looking for sponsors to assist with the purchase of a Thermal Imaging Camera.

Our current raffle is two nights charter aboard a Tin Can Bay Houseboat. Please look out for tickets sellers. We would like to thank you for your ongoing support of QF17, without which we could not operate.

We also could not operate without the assistance of our volunteers. If you would like to become a member of a worthwhile organisation in the community and can spare a few hours, please contact QF17. No experience is necessary.

Base statistics for the month of August: Activations – 6, Radio calls – 2435, Vessels logged on – 323, Volunteer “man” hours – 2445

Recently, when taking out a vessel, a crew member received quite a surprise. He opened the hatch to turn on the batteries and was confronted by a sea snake who had managed to find a warm and sheltered spot. Apparently the snake did not want to go and did not take too kindly to being removed.

We currently offer community courses of First Aid, CPR, Basic Boat Safety, Navigation, Bar Crossing and White Water & Marine Radio Certification. Members of the Public who are interested should contact QF17 on 5486 4290 for details.

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