Wolf Rock Dive update vessel

The Wolf Rock Dive crew are delighted with their new boat

The Wolf Rock Dive crew are delighted with their new boat

Wolf Rock Dive Centre is proud to present our brand new dive boat. Evolution. Our new vessel takes ten passengers and maximises space and comfort on our journey out to the dive site.

Our lucky passengers will stay out of the wind, nice and dry whilst enjoying their picnic lunch in-between dives. Divers can enter and exit the water with ease using our custom-made ladders and even listen to music or have a nap in our cosy cabin!

We currently have excellent conditions out at Wolf Rock. Our returning grey nurse sharks are here along with big schools of eagle rays and regular interactions with- the divers’ favourite- manta rays.

The water is 21 degrees, warming up slowly and we are seeing beautiful olive sea snakes cruising around the site. These inquisitive snakes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is special to see them sliding through the water, foraging in the rock crevices and swimming around your legs just for fun!

Book on while the perfect winter weather continues!

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