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Fletcher and Scarlett hold up their recycled craft at Tin Can Bay Library

Fletcher and Scarlett hold up their recycled craft at Tin Can Bay Library

Presenter, Waste Education Coordinator, Elli Webb, from Gympie Regional Council, visited the coast to share the word via storytelling – all about recycling at the local libraries.

“Craft was re-using egg cartons to make turtles, fish, chickens and other creatures. Kids loved it,” said Elli.

Elli is back in Rainbow Beach Library, 10am Saturday, December 10; so come along for morning tea and learn about your ‘Home Waste Management System’.

Elli will explain what really happens to the rubbish from your green or red and yellow-lidded wheelie bins. What are the common mistakes householders make in their kerbside recycling? Residents can discover answers to all of their recycling questions

Planet Ark surveyed 115 councils across Australia and asked them what the three most common recycling mistakes made by their residents were.

Nine out of ten councils said that plastic bags and soft plastics in the recycling bin is one of the most common mistakes made by their residents; nearly half of councils’ reported residents mistakenly placing kerbside recyclables into the general waste bin; and food contamination of recyclables was the third most common mistake, highlighted by 23% of councils.

“There is a persistent myth that items picked up for recycling end up in landfill,” said Brad Gray, Head of Campaigns at Planet Ark. “But in reality, it’s simply not economic in most states for councils or waste companies to send recycling to landfill due to state waste levies.

“So each of us plays an important role, as our recycling habits influence the success of the whole recycling system.”

To find out more contact Elli on 1300 307 800.

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