Welcome Jake

New Rainbow Beach Lifeguard Jake

New Rainbow Beach Lifeguard Jake

Hey Rainbow Beach,

My name is Jake, I’ve been a lifeguard for a little over ten years now, so safe to say this is my passion in life. Previous to coming up to Rainbow I worked in the northern region of the Sunshine Coast and have grown up on the coast my whole life.

I’m really enjoying the lifestyle and the community at Rainbow and it’s great to see so many families at the beach and such a tight-knit community.

The holidays were packed as to be expected! And there were lots of people coming down to the beach for a visit. Luckily we had great conditions and it was fairly calm and a great lifeguard team to work with.

Double Island Point was also very busy and we noticed that the Covid cap on permits at the point had made a difference to the Point being over-crowded.

Overall, I’m really enjoying my time up here and thrilled to be a part of this community and look forward to the future! If you’re down the beach or see me around town, feel free to come have a chat.

Please remember to swim between the flags when coming down the beach as conditions can be quite challenging at times with swells and strong winds.

Looking forward to meeting you all,


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