Water Tower Mural Update – Trial Artwork Is In Place!

Come and see the trial artwork affixed to the rear of the Rainbow Beach Community Hall.

Come and see the trial artwork affixed to the rear of the Rainbow Beach Community Hall.

The trial artwork is finally in place, with just a few touch-ups to come to repair some minor surface issues related to the unavoidable exposure to some unhelpful weather.

The piece, which has been attached to the purpose-built frame-work at the rear of the Community Hall, was commissioned as a trial collaboration by local artists as a stepping stone to realising the Rainbow Beach community’s dream of our very own water tower mural.

Water Tank and Silo art has become a massive tourist attraction Australia-wide. An increasing  number of small towns and communities are attributing the growth of visitors to their towns to tourists following the well established Australian Silo Art Trail, which has helped maintain the viability of their communities.

Visit australiansiloarttrail.com to view some of the wonderful examples of the amazing variety of colourful artwork on display.

When they begin their work on the water tower, our local artists will certainly have a treasure trove of inspiration to draw from the surrounding bush and beach landscapes of our area, from gorgeous flora and fauna, to the many unique geological features Rainbow Beach is famous for.

Although many of our area’s geologically distinctive landmarks are quite well known nationally and even internationally; World Heritage listed K’gari for instance, there is a virtual treasure trove of equally jaw-dropping wonders in every land and seascape, which can be depicted on the water tower by the brushstrokes of our culturally diverse and talented artistic community, ensuring that we too, will finally become part of the celebrated Australian Silo Art Trail.

Denise Orr

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