Visits to the Show, the National Park and our foreshore

Tin Can Bay School Prep Excursion Group photo

Prep Excursion Group photo

from Tin Can Bay State School

Year 4/6 Show excursion

Have you ever wanted to experience country life but didn’t have the time? Well, the Gympie Show had all you could want to see and more.

Year Four and Year Six students from Tin Can Bay State School visited the Gympie Show.  Students, teachers and parents travelled by bus to explore the displays and see the sights.

Students enjoyed the cuddly babies in the animal nursery, the crazy variety of chickens and the heart stopping horse jumping. They saw displays about putting out oil fires, how to spin alpaca wool and watched the humongous bulls with rings through their noses!

“My favourite thing was buying show bags,” said Bentley Mackaway.

“I really enjoyed seeing the bulls and horse jumping,” said Chloe Wiersma.

“The birds were cute,” said Madison Katon.

At the end of the day, it was time to explore the show bags and make the tough decision about which ones to buy. We excitedly sifted through our show bags as we made the journey home.

Year 6 trek 

Visiting the Great Sandy National Park is an experience for everyone. There was great excitement and energy as the Year Six class from Tin Can Bay prepared to embark on a hike through the National Park. Persistent showers did not dampen the enthusiasm of the hiking party as they set off from Carlo Sand Blow.

Regular breaks were had where Don Reid (Rainbow Beach local) explained to the students the many native plant food sources, reed weaving and showed them the breath-taking lookout. The students walked 14km on the first day as they hiked towards Freshwater camping ground, with the highlight being 4WD transport along the beach for the final leg of their journey.

Upon arrival at the camp grounds everyone busied themselves with preparing the camp, erecting tents and bedding, as a full and beautiful moon crept up over the sea. After eating, the students walked down to the beach to enjoy the serenity and beauty of the deserted beach, lit by the stunning full moon that reflected across the ocean.

Sunrise the next day saw the students packing up camp and beginning preparations for the 9km hike that was ahead of them. Blisters were wrapped, soreness rubbed out, and with a little less enthusiasm, the hiking party departed for home.

Once the group reached the serenity and coolness of the rainforest, spirits and the pace picked up as students hiked past Poona Lake and into the pick-up area at Bymien Park.

The class enjoyed the camp immensely as they learnt how to work together through adversity, pain and exhaustion.

Prep foreshore excursion

What a wonderful morning Prep had observing and exploring our local foreshore and park. We collected many materials from the environment which created great discussions around texture, weight, size and whether or not they would float. We then added these to our amazing sandcastles that we created. Memories made and heaps of fun had by all.

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