Travelling with Saturn – April Update

Aussie Bear goes West!

Aussie Bear goes West!

Did you all have a good Easter break? Lots of family time? Plenty of chocolate? We had a very unusual Easter this year. We were crossing the Nullarbor after the caravan show in Perth.

We have done the crossing many, many times and each time we see something different. This year we saw the Nullarbor more green than ever before. There was even a torrential downpour near Kimba.

This town boasts that it is Halfway Across Australia. And yes, Aussie Bear saw this fascinating part of Australia. I couldn’t miss out on showing our grandkids all these interesting places we visit.

But the best part of travelling the Nullarbor is by far the bush camping that is so readily available. After leaving Melbourne on a Monday, we did not stay in any caravan parks until we reached Perth on the following Sunday.

The stars out there are SO bright. And the sunsets are magnificent. Sadly, we could not have any campfires because that time of the year is Fire Danger Season, so no open fires are allowed. But we did sit around the camp and chat.

One interesting place that we called to again was Newman Rock. This is 50kms from Balladonia and 170kms from the end of the Nullarbor.

Newman Rock is a huge outcrop of rocks where you can see forever. The large pools of water on top of the rock never ceases to amaze me. This time we saw some cattle up there coming to have a drink.


And the TV reception, you ask? Well, it was perfect…..from our satellite dish – hahaha. As long as you have a clear view of the northern sky, you can receive satellite television anywhere in Australia. For the traveller that wants to keep up with the news OR the footie, it is a great addition to the camping gear.

Footy Season

Talking of footy, check out our Facebook page and our website for details of how you can win a Saturn Antenna with the State of Origin colours – maroon or blue.

Safe travelling,

Peter and Margaret

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