Tin Can to host Junior Dragon Boaters

Sport - Dragon Boaters Feb 2021Gwyneth Moore

This year was the Dragon’s turn to host the Australia Day “battle ” between the Yachties, Dragons and Sailability, for the now famous Olive Dish Trophy.

These ‘friendly’ games are held each year at the TCB Yacht Club on Australia Day, with novelty races on water and land. Great fun for the participants and the observer. This year was late to organise due to COVID plans.

On February 23-25, Dragon Boat QLD has chosen TCB for three days of on-water training and coaching for 22 Sonics which is the name for junior dragon boaters.

Again, this was late being confirmed. This will be a great promotion of our region and a great opportunity for locals to see two dragon boats racing on the Creek as the Sonics train. (They will use our two dragon boats.)

Also Dragon Boat QLD has given the green light to commence competition/regattas. Strict COVID plans are in place.

The State Titles will be held March 6-7 so training to build fitness and stamina for this event has once again commenced. Cooloola Dragons who wish to compete in these State Titles will  complete as Wide Bay Warriors with our Dragon friends from Hervey Bay.

As always the invitation is out there for anyone to come and try. We provide a friendly and helpful environment for you to “have a go!”

For further information please contact Norma: 0439075271

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