Tin Can Bay School News December 2021

Preps Ani, Hudson, Lincoln, Henry, Lewis, Kai, Nate and Memphis enjoying the Sea Life excursion

Preps Ani, Hudson, Lincoln, Henry, Lewis, Kai, Nate and Memphis enjoying the Sea Life excursion


The 2021 Leaders Camp saw students from years 5 through to 9 experience challenges that required a lot of determination and resulted in thorough excitement.

Whether it was on mid ropes, bridge building or the giant swing, the teams were reliant on trust and teamwork. The giant swing challenged all students to have trust, not only in the equipment but also in the people. All students encouraged each other to do their best and to keep going. This boosted each student’s confidence and made them feel safe.

Students were able to form connections with students in other grades in all team building activities. The camp also allowed students to step out of their comfort zones, teaching them to never give up and always try their very best. Students came to the realisation that part of being a great leader means respecting others by not judging their ideas or talking over them and listening to everyone’s ideas.


The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an annual initiative designed to encourage students to read widely for enjoyment and learning. This year, 926 schools, including Tin Can Bay School, took part in the challenge, with students across the state reading more than 2.39 million books!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. Students who successfully completed the challenge received a Certificate of Achievement signed by the Premier of Queensland. Students who did not read or experience the allocated number of books for their year level during the period have received a Certificate of Participation.


What a fantastic experience it was for the Prep students to head to the Sunshine Coast to visit Sea Life.

It was a sensory overload with so many amazing things to see, touch, smell and hear. From the spectacular Seal Show to the touch ponds and the abundance of water creatures, we certainly had a jam-packed day. The sharks with their big sharp teeth, the mystical manta rays and the cute little penguins were amongst our favourite animals to stand and observe.

Lots of tired little people on the way home who I am sure slept really well that night. We were all very proud of everyone’s behaviour which made for a most enjoyable day.


For our year 3/4 camp we headed to Mudjimba and stayed for two days and one night. We faced some hard challenges but also did a lot of fun activities like low ropes, beach games, round robin and, most importantly, the mud pit challenge.

For the low ropes, you needed two spotters to catch you if you slipped or fell off the course.  For the beach games there was a big bucket with holes in it.  Each team used two smaller buckets and they had to go into the water and fill them up.  Whoever filled up the bigger bucket first was the winner.  For the mud pit challenge, we got very dirty!  In the round robin there was dodgeball, t-ball, soccer and hockey.

Camp quotes:

  • The beach was my favourite and I loved sleeping in bunk beds. Sophie S.
  • I liked seeing all the animals, especially the kangaroos. Tyler B
  • My favourite activity was the low rope course. Kelsey C.
  • My favourite thing was the mud pit. Izaya B.
  • My favourite food was the garlic bread and we had delicious dessert. Cooper S.
  • My favourite food was the burgers. Layla H.
  • My favourite things were the food and the cabins. Angus B.
  • I never thought I would have to shower the inside of my mouth! Kirra K.

Written by the Year 4 students 

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