Tin Can Bay Fishing Report January 2016

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Summer is here again, and the area is buzzing with plenty of visitors to the Cooloola region.

Over the past week, there have been plenty of mud crabs being caught throughout the bay along with the odd sandy.

The fishing has been pretty good with fish being caught, including mangrove jack, cod, bream, whiting and flathead, throughout Tin Can Bay and the Great Sandy Straits – with the sand flats around Poona and Tinnanbar providing a great option for land based anglers.

Mangrove jack, grunter, bream and cod are coming from the creeks, with live baits of herring, silver biddies or poddy mullet – flesh baits of mullet fillet are also working well.

The close in reefs off Rainbow Beach have been producing quality squire and sweetlip.  These reefs are easily accessible via kayak or small vessels launched off the beach. However, care should be taken if you are not experienced with beach launches.

As this is written, Mudlo Rocks is covered in sand, and beach conditions are pretty good,  however, you should always check first as conditions change daily. Try fishing the beach for bream, dart, whiting and flathead.

Earlier in the month, there have been whiting, flathead and trevally in Pelican Bay, and the odd mackerel has been caught around Inskip Point and Fraser Island.

In the creeks, the usual suspects were about with mangrove jack, cod and grunter. Live herring, silver biddies and poddy mullet will usually do the trick as well as flesh baits of mullet fillet.

With the increased traffic on the waterways over the coming weeks be mindful that there will also be an increased presence of QLD Boating & Fisheries Patrol officers doing inspection.

Before departing, do a quick inspection of all your safety gear to ensure it is in serviceable condition and that flares etc are in date.

Also make sure you have the latest information on size and take limits, as well as crabbing rules and green zone maps.

If you’re after a copy of the responsible crabbing brochure, and green zone maps make sure you stop past the store to pick up your free copy.

For smart phone users, it is also worth downloading the QLD Fisheries app from iTunes –  it contains the latest fish identification, along with size and take limits for QLD.

Until next month stay safe on the water.

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