Rainbow Beach fishing report march 2015

Debbie with her pearl perch

Debbie with her pearl perch

by Tony Stewart, 5486 8666, www.rainbowbeachfishing.com.au   

Well the quiet season is upon us and the weather has turned foul over the last couple of weeks, which is probably a month earlier than average.

The southeasters have been constant, delivering great weather to the south of the continent. We managed just six charters for January, as many were cancelled due to the weather. The last three weekends have all been cancelled as a cyclone formed in the Coral Sea.

Catches have been reasonably good when we did get offshore, with the main species landed being pearl perch. Other species to come aboard included squire, moses perch, parrot, hussar, sweetlip, Maori cod, a few mackerel and dolphin fish.

With the election run and won,I have seen the Labor government policies – but can they deliver?

All they talk about are more boat ramps and better facilities, so what are they going to slug us for to get the money? To the north there will be more areas shut down and just remember whose preferences put them in power: the Greens.

Two spotty mackerel – well done, Tiarna

Two spotty mackerel – well done, Tiarnabait

To those who forwarded submissions to the Asia/Pacific consultancy group, the final outcome of decisions on the whole fishing industry is locked in the office of a top fisheries official, and now with a change of government, I guess this could all change?

Our boat is out of the water for a clean up now and we will start operating again in the first week of May, weather permitting.

Till next month – stay safe.

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