Tin Can Bay Fishing Club News May 2023

Tin Can Bay Fishing Club - Connor Lyell with a bream he caught

Connor Lyell with a bream he caught

I missed putting in a report for March, so this one is a mix of March and April news, albeit it’s only halfway through April as I write this.

During April we had run several trips in the bay, as well as a kayak fishing day on the Mary River on 19 April. There were also several social events held, the last was held at Temptations by the Sea (Crab Creek) and an earlier one at Sublime Kia Ora.

The expected turnout for the kayaking event is around 20 members with most looking to fish from kayaks, with a smaller number of members who will fish from the riverbank. There will be several members camping overnight.

The target species is bass, and possibly the odd saratoga. We’ll have some photos from this event in next month’s report.

To date there has been a large variety of fish caught in the bay and beyond the bar, with anything from barracuda, tuna, through to dolphin fish. Closer inshore mud crabs and whiting have continued to be plentiful.

Check out Rainbow Beach – there have been some large schools of bait fish sighted recently, so watch this space.

Looking forward, in May we will be holding several fishing events, a couple of social events, and our usual presentation training day on 6 May (for the month ending April).

In addition, we have organised for the District Officer Qld Boating & Fisheries, Noosa to give a presentation to the Club on 10 May covering fishing regulations and enforcement activity in our area.

Tight lines.

Alan Rippon

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