Donate now for our beach rake

beach-rakingA beach rake is commonly used by other coastal communities, and would have certainly helped us out with the working bee.

Our beach is the town’s greatest asset, especially considering most Rainbow workers rely on tourism – we need a clean beach that looks fantastic.

Ruth says they have done the research – a new machine would cost $60 000 but she has her eye on one coming up for auction- the exact model they prefer, that would clean up to 7 acres per hour.

Confident, Ruth is certain: “We’ll achieve this. We already have quite a bit of money toward it. We have a tractor organised at a reasonable price and we’ll appeal to council – as they have the right and liability to remove beach debris. We’re sure Council will do that if we purchase it!”

Ruth appeals, “So if someone knocks on your door for the rake, please open your wallet.” Visit Ruth at Foodworks to find out more.


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