There’s More To Say After R U OK?

RUOK Day 2020R U OK? Day is September 10 and it is a day to ask all Australians to learn what to say if someone in their life says they are not OK.

R U OK? Day organisers are encouraged that Australians increasingly understand how important it is for them to reach out to those around them who might be struggling, however a number lack the confidence or are unsure of what to say if someone is not OK.

This year R U OK? Day coincides with World Suicide Prevention Day which will further raise awareness of the scale of suicide globally and the role that each of us can play in prevention efforts.

Resources, including a guide to supporting R U OK?Day, are free to download from the R U OK? website and are designed to help individuals, workplaces, schools and community groups plan for R U OK?Day Further information at:

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