‘The Show Must Go On’ Event Management Workshop

Date: 31st October 2013

Venue: Fossikers Room – Gympie Civic Centre

Time: 6-9pm

Presenter: Chloe Goodyear – Director, Creative Partnerships Woodford Folk Festival

Register: Youth and Community Development 5481 0760

‘The Show Must Go On’ Workshop

The ‘Show Must Go On’ workshop is a ‘how-to-guide’, complete with checklist, of how to build a music or performance event from the ground up. From location to insurance, from building your team to booking your artists, from selling your tickets to sending off the garbage trucks, whether it’s a festival of a small concert, the check list remains mostly the same – it’s just about scale.


Topics included in the workshop are:


Imagining the event

  • Framing and clarifying what the nature and scale of the event, target markets, audience numbers, how often, where, when how and WHY
  • Identifying your cultural bottom line
  • Legal considerations (insurance, working groups, general liability)


Budget & Resources

  • Identifying resources, sponsorship, funding, volunteers and venues.
  • Setting budgets
  • Creating working groups


Layout and Operations

  • Site and Venue layout, sound staging
  • Operations, safety event bump in and out
  • Ticketing Parking and access

Programme and Promotion

  • Programming IS promotion
  • Approach, contracting, communicating and delivery
  • Long term planning for diversification/ development
  • Marketing and Publicity Planning

About the presenter: Chloe Goodyear

Chloe is a long-term senior staff member of the Woodford Folk Festival, one of Australia’s largest events. In 2013 Chloe moved out of her role as Programme Director for the Woodford Folk Festival and into the newly minted role of Director, Creative partnerships. As part of this role she is developing grass roots touring networks in Australia and abroad including Festival of Small Halls hoping to assist in democratizing the way that music is received and presented in outside of formal venues.

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