The Fishing Classic is here

Every year is different at the Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic but they are all memorable.

Every year is different at the Rainbow Beach Fishing Classic but they are all memorable.

This family-friendly fun event is back this month and will be the first big event on the Sports Club calendar since Covid hit.

The event will be held from November 26 – 29 and hasn’t deterred the diehards who have been scrambling for one of the reduced number of tickets since they were released.

Organiser of the event, Nathan Kropp (Kroppy) from the Rainbow Beach Sports and Recreation Club said: “It’s going to be good to do an event in 2020 with all the speed bumps since Covid.

“We are giving away one boat nightly and the major adult prize is a boat and the major cadet prize is a boat.

The prizes are: There are three Squire 389 aluminium tinnies; nightly giveaways – which must be carried off site that night; Cadet grand prize – Squire 389 tinny on beach wheels with a 4hp motor; Adults grand prize – 409 Stesco Catcher 20hp motor on trailer plus all the safety gear.

“We have new sponsors due to Covid but the roots of the competition remain the same.

“We couldn’t hold this event without the support of our major sponsors: Wilson Tackle, XXXX, Cooper Tyres, ARB, Simrad, Toyota, Anaconda, Rainbow Beach Sports Club, 7th Wave Surf, LiveFibre, Venom.

“Thanks to our new sponsors: Costall Drainage, The Mad Hueys, Roofpoint Roofing, East Coast Discount Tiles, Guse Transport, Westlink Petroleum.

“Huge thanks to our local sponsors who come back year after year and they are just amazing. This town is amazing for support.

“It’s been a tough time since March, yet they have dug deep yet again to support the event and therefore the town.

Thanks to local businesses,  Fraser Island Beach Houses, Camps Australia, Cooloola Coast Realty, Rainbow Beach Fruit and Veg, Ice Worx, Rainbow Beach Helicopters, Rainbow Beach Horse Rides, IGA, Shell Service Station, BP, SeaSalt on the Decks, Manta Ray Barges, Rainbow Recovery, Rainbow Auto Electrics, Rainbow Beach Meats, Rainbow Beach Surf Life Saving, Gardiner Fisheries, Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News, Rod God, Salty Gear Apparel, Jarvis Walker who supported the fishing classic for many many years.

And if it wasn’t for our volunteers we would not be able to hold this event – thanks to everyone who is giving up their time to help make this event a success.

The event begins at 4pm, Thursday November 26, 2020, at the Rainbow Beach Sports Recreation and Memorial Club, 7 Turana Street, Rainbow Beach.

To find out more, phone 5486 3191 or email:

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