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Learn how to get an original shot, like ‘Crab’ taken by Lyn Minchell, awarded AB Grade Honour

Learn how to get an original shot, like ‘Crab’ taken by Lyn Minchell, awarded AB Grade Honour

Julie Hartwig

They say patience is a virtue and there’s a lot to be gained by being patient in photography. Surprisingly, many people are ‘point-and-shoot’ photographers who cruise into a location, take a few shots and move on.

Not surprisingly, this lack of time and care with the craft often results in disappointment and a failure for the photographer’s level of skill and knowledge to progress.

The difference between capturing ‘cookie-cutter’ record shots and something individual is the time put into studying a location.

This requires using the two ‘viewing windows’ on the front of your face (no, they’re not just painted on for decoration!) and your grey matter. Ask yourself, “What is it about this location that I want to capture? What made me want to take a photograph of this scene or subject?”

Walk around and observe a location before you start shooting. Sometimes you need to soak up the atmosphere to get a feel for the place.

Look at the light and how the prevailing atmospheric conditions are affecting it. It could be bright sunshine, mist, fog, rain, smoke, sea spray, shadows, cloudy skies or other weather conditions.

Look for things you don’t want in your image – distractions that can’t be moved, people wandering in and out (often taking their own photos), vehicles, power poles, buildings, etc.

Think about composition, shooting angles, subject placement, different viewpoints and features of the scene or subject that you want to accentuate. With those observations in mind, pick up your camera and start shooting.

Remember, time does not stand still and once a moment is passed, it is history and can’t be revisited. Photography allows us to capture and preserve those moments in time, so shoot in the moment, for the moment.

The next photoshop workshop is June 18, beginners at 12.30pm and advanced at 1.30pm. The club meeting is 7pm, June 20 at Tin Can Bay Library. Find out more: www.tincanbaycameraclub.wix.com/tcb-camera-club

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