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Who knew that the Cooloola Coast Dragons were the treasure at the end of the rainbow?

Who knew that the Cooloola Coast Dragons were the treasure at the end of the rainbow?

Oh! What a rainbow!

The Cooloola Dragon Boat Club paddles towards a rainbow; just one of the spectacular sights the Cooloola Dragon Boat Club paddlers experience on their regular paddles.

What a great way to start your Sunday or finish your Thursday. It is fantastic to get out on the water in a dragon boat full of enthusiastic, happy paddlers.

Even with the recent spate of ultra-chilly weather it is still very enjoyable. You get warm very quickly and you certainly won’t come in with icicles hanging from your nose and ears. Just the warmth of the camaraderie is enough to keep away the chill!!

At the present time, our paddlers are in training for Cooloola Dragon Boat Club Regatta to be held on the weekend of 2-3 July. This is the third Regatta in the Wide Bay series and our club has already competed in the Bundaberg and Hervey Bay Regattas so far this year.  We are hoping to improve on our previous records.

The two-day event sees the Wide Bay Clubs compete against each other on Saturday with teams from throughout Queensland competing against each other on Sunday. The Cooloola Dragons will have the ‘barbie’ working and selling lots of delicious food.

The Tin Can Bay Regatta also features Cooloola Dragon Boat Club’s very own ‘Diamond Dash’. This is a race that was developed by the Club and is exciting for both paddlers and spectators. Whichever category you are in, you should make sure that you don’t miss that event.

If you are interested in getting fit and having fun on the water, Cooloola Dragon Boat Club are looking for men of all ages to fill our second boat and to complement the women’s team.

Come and try (FREE) Thursday afternoons 3.00 pm and Sunday mornings 7.30am.

For more details phone Coach Sandra on 0402 352 756.

by Toni Archer

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