Simply Classical Concert

The daring act of taking “Simply Classical” to the park a couple of months ago was rewarded with success, everything turned out well and enough patrons turned up to make it all worthwhile.

Since then, Covid restrictions for indoor gatherings haven’t improved much, and a search for a venue all over Gympie turned out fruitless.

But to go back into the park in the November heat is a bit more than can be expected from an audience with many elderly people. So, the thinking turned to “Big Roof.” And the Gympie Showgrounds have just the thing.

The outdoor basketball court is huge, with a concrete floor and walls on three sides, and good acoustics. But you wouldn’t exactly call it a concert hall. Comfortable for cattle, when you put straw on the ground, as they do for the Show. However, to carpet and wallpaper it is more than the Simply Classical committee is prepared to do.

In Germany, after the war, concerts were held in the open or in bombed out churches. It is just a matter of making do with what you’ve got.

The upcoming November concert is titled “Where children play.” It has a double meaning: children play with balls and run on skateboards in the venue, and children, aged nine to 19 will be playing music at the same place one afternoon this November.

Yes, this concert is dedicated to our young musicians. But make no mistake, this isn’t going to be child’s play. What you are going to hear from these boys and girls, from Bailey and Liam and David, to Chloe and Hannah and Eline, and others, will be as exciting as any Simply Classical concert you have heard before.

Possible seating is still being investigated; you may have to bring your own chair. No afternoon tea again unfortunately, but there will be a coffee van and may be other commercial food outlets.

So come along on Sunday, November 29, 2pm at the outdoor basketball court, Gympie Showgrounds; admission is $15. Inquiries to Heidi, 0407 599 853, or Rita, 5483 9969, mobile 1418 719 161.

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