Good luck Chris and thank you!

Norma Sandison and other volunteers finishing the dolphins’ morning feed

Norma Sandison and other volunteers finishing the dolphins’ morning feed

by Norma Sanderson

There has been no sighting of the interloper who has caused Patch to retreat on several occasions, so Mystique and Patch seem to be happy swimming together again. We have had glorious weather with all four adult dolphins coming in to feed with the two calves, Luna and Joe.

The calves have been really active lately and causing their mums some concern with their playful stints. The water temperature is quite good and we volunteers only feel cold when the wind picks up. The dolphins’ volunteers can be in the water from 6.30am until feed time which is at 8am.

Our new volunteers who are going through the paces to become a fully fledged dolphin volunteers are enjoying the interaction with the dolphin.

If you are interested in dolphins and wish to volunteer, please contact one of the co-ordinators at the Centre. After an interview and a three month training program to assess your suitability, you can become a fully fledged dolphin volunteers.

Remember local residents who visit the centre only have to pay for the feeding and not pay entry. So if you have family or friends visiting please bring them down.

Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to Chris Rogers who has been a dolphin volunteer and a gate-keeper for some time. She starts a new adventure as she moves to her son’s property near Gin Gin. Good luck Chris, you will be missed.

See you there.

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