Saturn Antennas in Longreach

Saturn in Longreach and the QANTAS Founders Museum

Saturn in Longreach and the QANTAS Founders Museum

by Peter and Margaret Grant

Oh My Goodness! I was going to tell you about our visit to the historic Trial Bay Gaol in New South Wales….until we had an overnight stop at Longreach (the home of Qantas) on our way to Darwin.

OMG! Our Starlight Cruise on the Thomson River was an amazing experience. The Kinnon family diversified their grazing interests after the 2000-2004 drought. Tourism was gaining momentum and bringing some much needed cash-flow to many outback towns – Longreach not excluded.

Richard Kinnon and his family have established a number of ‘experiences’ for the tourist – the Station Store, Stagecoach Ride, the Starlight Cruise Experience, the Nogo Station Visit and many others.

Our Starlight Cruise Experience was just that – a fantastic experience. The cruise, the bush poet, our ‘real outback’ host, the typical drovers dinner, and the light-and-sound show of Captain Starlight’s droving exploit to Adelaide were truly unforgettable. We agree with and understand why this Outback Experience was given the 2016 Gold Queensland Tourism Award for Cultural Tourism.

And then we hit Winton. Wow! This was my ‘History Trail’. I lived here for two years and had been back about 20 years ago. You always have to believe in coincidences.

We ordered a coffee and cake at the bakery and sat down at a table near another couple. In making polite conversation about whether they were travellers or locals, I was absolutely amazed that he was in my class at school. OMG! What a coincidence. And his wife was in the same class as my brother. What a day of history.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the vivid festival of movies that was being held on the following weekend. We were going to be in Darwin at a caravan show. But we have promised ourselves we will be back for that festival.


In Longreach, we saw lots of antennas up at the park, but those we spoke to on the cruise couldn’t get reception or got very little. Ahah! That’s where the Saturn Antenna is great because the Longreach transmitter sends the signal in a vertical pattern. For that you need a vertical antenna.

The Saturn Antenna has both horizontal and vertical aerials in it for just such a situation. And being Australian made it make sense to investigate further – website

Happy trails till next month!

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