Dolphin Ferry facelift

Lorraine Price and Martin Owens on the revamped Dolphin Ferry

Lorraine Price and Martin Owens on the revamped Dolphin Ferry

The Tondaleo – the little boat used for the Dolphin Ferry Cruises – has been out of the water for the last six weeks having a major recondition done and is ready to face the future again. She is going back into the water to return to her duties of cruising the Tin Can Bay inlet.

Says owner Lorraine Price, “She is a small piece of Australian history and it is lovely to see her refurbished and “new” looking. She really looks a treat!”

MV Tondalao – the Dolphin Ferry – was built in Brisbane in 1967. It was one of many timber vessels that Redland Bay Ferries used for ferrying passengers (mainly high school children) and mail on a daily basis between the islands and the Brisbane mainland.

The vessel has been in the Rainbow Beach / Tin Can Bay area for many years, and the current owners, Russell Hausler and Lorraine Price, have just completed the re-vamp. It has been painted inside and out and is ready to resume service.

Based at Tin Can Bay Houseboats in Snapper Creek, MV Tondalao runs regular day-time and sunset cruises for holiday makers, tourists and locals. Customised cruises can be organised for bus tour groups, schools, Christmas and birthday parties and more, from Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach.

Skipper, Martin Owens, says “Everyone has fun and enjoys being on the Dolphin Ferry, and they particularly enjoy the beautiful sunsets. Some of the passengers even have a go at being Captain.”

Bookings and enquiries can be directed to Darryl Soderberg on 0428 838 836.

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