Safety warning issued for Cooloola sand caves

Sand cave 1

Visitors to the Cooloola Coast are being warned to stay away from several large sand caves which have formed between Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Area Manager Fraser Coast Steve Price said the caves were very unstable and could collapse without warning.

Mr Price said the caves formed readily in the Rainbow Beach area which has steep, exposed dune cliff faces.

“These caves and smaller cavities tend to form after extended periods of dry weather where the steep consolidated sand dunes become unstable,” Mr Price said.

“As the sand in and around the caves is so unstable there is a real risk of serious injury or death for anyone going near them.

“Because of this rangers are unable to fill in or collapse the sand caves.

“The bottom line is, for your own safety stay well away from them.”

Mr Price said sand dunes were also potentially dangerous and climbing on them, digging into them and sliding down them should all be avoided.

“Be especially vigilant with children in these areas,” he said.

“The last thing anyone wants to see is a family holiday turn into a tragedy so keep a close watch on the children and stay away from these sand caves.”

For further information and the latest conditions report visit the National Parks website at

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