Sailability now has an electric hoist

We at Sailability Tin Can Bay Inc, are extremely excited to report that a dear friend of our group has bequeathed us over $40,000 in her will. She passed away quietly last year. We are so grateful to her for thinking of us.

We will be using some of the funds to purchase an electric hoist to lift our sailors into the yachts. The current manual hoist has seen better days and as most of us are the age group that suffers from back and joint problems we really do have a need for the electric hoist.

Our local physio, Sue Bennett, was quite adamant that the new hoist was a necessity, and now we will have the funds to purchase one.

How special to be remembered in someone’s will; a small reminder to others that may be able to bequeath funds, to think of local charities before the nationally known ones.

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