Rainbow Warriors Swim Club News

BJ Parton

After sweltering through summer and contending with reduced opening hours due to storms and rain, I am looking forward to April bringing some cooler weather and sunshine.

Weather greatly affects pool operating hours as the pool must be closed for a number of safety reasons. Heavy rain and storms often bring thunder and lightning. Lightning and large bodies of water are not a good combination! For the safety of patrons and staff to avoid electrocution, the pool must be closed.

Additionally, heavy rain can affect visibility. Lifeguards and staff must be able to see swimmers clearly at all times. Rain can also create slip hazards on and around the pool deck. I hope you understand, we must put your safety first.

Due to the wet weather in March, swim club nights have had to be postponed or cancelled. The official club night race night and breakup party will now run on Thursday 26th April from 5pm. Please ensure your kids attend some squad or training sessions between now and race night so they do not lose their conditioning and technique.

For more information, contact BJ at the Aquatic Centre on 5486 3191 (press ‘3’ for Aquatic Centre)

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