Rainbow landfill to close….

Some local business owners have been approached by out of town private contractors to manage their waste. Business owners fear that a move to a transfer station with reduced hours will lead to closure of the dump facility altogether. They are also concerned that limiting hours and access to a Rainbow Beach facility will increase pollution in our National Parks.

Gympie Regional Council’s Regional Waste Management Strategy 2013-2020 identified that the Rainbow Beach landfill is close to full and is expected to cease operation as a landfill within the next eighteen months. The strategy identified the high risks to the community with the operation of Council’s unsupervised landfills and transfer stations and the need to control access.

The strategy specifically identified that the Rainbow Beach landfill had significant operational issues and that prior to the closure the waste options for residents and businesses in the area will need to be reviewed.

In line with the strategy, council officers are currently reviewing the waste options for Rainbow Beach residents and businesses and this is expected to be finalised early 2015 with a report to be presented to Council for consideration at that time. No changes are currently planned and residents and businesses will be advised of any proposals in advance. Transfer stations are potential options to replace all of Council’s landfills that close and this may be the case for Rainbow Beach.

As indicated in the strategy, there are operational risks with unsupervised waste facilities and any alternative waste option will require supervision and consequently have specific hours of operation.

Commercial contractors currently operate in Rainbow Beach and it is a competitive industry. Businesses who choose to use these services should consider the best price and service on offer. There are no pricing changes proposed in this financial year.

The complete Regional Waste Management Strategy 2013-2020 is available on Council’s Website.

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