Drought Report – December 2019

Well, after five weeks away working in Victoria I am back into the drought runs again and coordinating our Christmas drop-offs.

Our last three loads have been to Baradine CWA, NSW and Stanthorpe (3Ton) after the fires but our next runs will be to Western Queensland.

We are waiting on coordinators out west to send details of those families most in need.

The Mitchell-Morven area may be our main target area, as well as Longreach-Barcaldine.

Many people say why don’t you send out vouchers? Well, we have and possibly $50,000 worth, but now cash is as scarce as hen’s teeth and many vouchers were being used for non-necessities  like cigarettes.

Most of our supplies are donated through Drakes in Gympie and the TCB IGA and a BIG thanks goes out to them and of course to everyone who donates to the trolleys.

A big thank you to Wayne Kerle at TCB for his donations,The Snak Shak, Barnacles, TCB and Ed’s Bakery and the TCB Caravan Park for their collections and RB IGA. Many thanks to Bev Yeoman for her wonderful Christmas presents, Marlene Owen and Robyn Protheroe for collecting in Gympie, the Quota group, Rainbow Beach Cooloola Coast Community News who help spread our news and Bernard Petroleum for all their support.

If anyone can help our organisation in any way to give our farmers a Christmas cheer, our details are: BSB 124047, A/C 22599186, Bank of Queensland Gympie (RainbowBeachDroughtrunners)

We are a non-profit business, there are NO admin costs and we have now raised close to $400,000 for our farmers.

Thank you, Tony Stewart 0408 767930.

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