Rainbow Beach School November 2019

Rainbow Beach State School - Chess club

Chess club

By Dan Stanieg, Principal

Throughout 2019, we have implemented a range of programs and incorporated numerous academic, sporting and cultural activities for the students to learn and enjoy.

The teachers and teacher aides have been very supportive and enthusiastic about these programs and we have made great progress in all areas of schooling.

We continue to undertake a range of professional development to ensure we are implementing best practice in the classroom, to ensure our students have every opportunity of success while at Rainbow Beach State School.

As I have said many times before, it is the partnership between home and school that makes our school a great success.

Thank you for your continued support.


Dan Stanieg

Year 6 News, St Patrick’s College Founder’s Day

Three of our Year 6 students attended one of their high school transition days. Maia, Rubi and Mason all ventured off to St Patrick’s College to spend the day at their soon-to-be high school. Here is a summary of their day:

“At Founder’s Day we all sat at the cafeteria while the Vice Principal called the role and told us what we were going to be doing throughout the day. We were separated into groups and given a tour around the school by the Year 12 students. We then went down to the sports hall where the Year 12’s had set up a sausage sizzle for the Year 6’s.

After we were all fed, we made our way to the church where they did a Founder’s Day ceremony about the founders of the school. We then set off in different directions to practise a dance for the house dance competition.

At the start of the day we were all a bit nervous, as we didn’t have a clue about what was going to happen throughout the day. But as the day progressed, we felt more confident. We are glad we went to the Founder’s Day because we now know a few of the people who will be in our class next year, and we also have a better idea of our way around the school.

By Maia, Rubi and Mason

I am now looking forward to:

– trying new subjects like woodwork and home economics. Maia

– learning many new things in many different ways. Rubi

– learning things like woodwork, metal work and art. Mason.

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