Rainbow Beach Fishing Report

Baitrunner - Vanessa Horton with a sweetlip

Vanessa Horton with a sweetlip

Hi all. With another silly season done and dusted it’s back to the grind for most. I hope all had a pleasant and safe holiday.

On the fishing side, summer has been quite good, however fishing in close has been tough, so we’re having to do the miles to catch good fish; it’s worth an extra half an hour travel to get quality fish!

Common species like squire, parrot, Moses perch, pearl perch, husser and sweetlip have been regular catches and in good numbers, with frequent catches of larger sweetlip and spangled emperor.

Some nice red emperor have come aboard, along with scarlet sea perch and good snapper; cobia were about late December.  Mahi Mahi have been getting more active and in better numbers.

Chris Bonnor came out with one intention and that was to catch his first ever Mahi Mahi and he did it in style; nice one to tick off the list!

Working some new areas and spending time finding new grounds has been paying off, especially on those tough days when you just can’t get them to bite well.

Looks like the mackerel are providing some good sports action.

‘Til next month, take care on the water!

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