Rainbow Beach Fishing Charters

Luke with one of many Red Emperor caught on Baitrunner this month

Luke with one of many Red Emperor caught on Baitrunner this month

Mat Coops

Hi everyone, winter is here and as I write this, we are having our coldest few nights yet!

The good news is, the weather finally seems to be settling down and we have been able to get out and enjoy some great Rainbow Beach reef fishing.

We have had some great crews on, full of excitement for a good day and that is what they have been treated to.

I had to laugh the other day when one of the crew, whilst sorting out their fish commented, “I’ve only seen that many fish at a fish market!”

Snapper are starting to show up in numbers so hopefully we get a good season in. Plenty of quality pearl perch and sweetlip have been around, providing lots of fun on plastics.

I like to get people interested in trying plastics and once they land a couple of nice fish, that’s it, they know what it’s all about; great fun and a new experience.

Some cracker red emperor were caught on board Baitrunner this month, so picking just two photos is difficult! Parrot, husser, wrass, cod, cobia, spangled emperor, coral trout, perch and some great scarlet sea perch have all been in good numbers and improving.

Well, ’til next month, rug up and catch yas then!

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