Quality perch

A nice mixed bag caught on Baitrunner

A nice mixed bag caught on Baitrunner

Mat Cooper
RB Fishing Charters

Well, what an up and down month it has been for everyone ranging from land to sea. Some have suffered from bushfires, some from storms and others still by drought. Our thoughts are with all those that have suffered through these.

For the community here we have been lucky and finally had some pleasant rain, not a lot, but definitely welcome.

So, fishing this month again has been great with all the species Rainbow Beach has to offer including Red Emperor, snapper, sweetlip, parrot, cod, wrasse and cobia.

Also in the mix has been some of the biggest Moses perch I’ve seen with plenty over 50cm and some great quality Pearl perch.

It looks like the beach is recovering well and I have heard of a few tailor about and the odd Jewfish.

In the straights, jacks will be starting to fire up with the warmer water and storm activity.

Flathead are about for those into a bit of plastic flicking. Unfortunately weed seems to be thick and finding those good banks without weed is a little hard.

That’s this month, hope you all enjoyed the holidays, cheers Mat.

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