Plant of the Month, October 2022

Cupaniopsis anacardioides commonly called TuckerooTUCKEROO

Small to medium tree growing to 10-15m, Cupaniopsis anacardioides is commonly called Tuckeroo, but is also known as Carrotwood and Beach Tamarind.

A useful small tree for coastal plantings, it accepts salt spray, suits most soils and aspects, and withstands extremes of climate.

Tuckeroo has attractive glossy green leaves, and insignificant cream flowers which come in late summer/autumn. The orange fruit are enclosed in seed pods which are edible [but maybe not palatable] when ripe.

It attracts bees and other wildlife in both flower and seed stages.

A good low maintenance plant with rapid growth that is useful as a street tree, screening tree, or a windbreak. Can be propagated from seeds and cuttings and is rapid growing.

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