Patch the dolphin is quite the show pony

Norma Sanderson, Dolphin Volunteer Coordinator

We have had smaller crowds at the Dolphin Centre compared with the previous month so we can breathe easy for a while. The smaller crowds are much more manageable especially with the Covid ruling of 1.5 metres between groups.

Patch has really taken up the challenge and  is bringing in quite big items found out in Snapper Creek.  His latest gift was a large sponge weighing 8.5 kgs. This sponge was placed back in the water as it was alive and had several little crabs in it.

We thought we returned it to a different area so he couldn’t pick it up again but YES,  he retrieved it and expected that fish as a reward again.  He has now become a show pony.

Harmony is on sabbatical and has only visited one time in the last three weeks. Ella, Aussie and Luna are constant visitors.

Come on down while the crowds are less. We volunteers wear masks during the proceedings as we cannot always social distance. So if you cannot social distance, please wear a mask. This procedure is to keep you safe and the rest of the public safe.

Remember if you are a resident of the area you are welcome to the Centre and have free admission, only paying for feeding if you wish to participate. Please indicate to the gate person that you are local and can produce some form of identification.

We open at 7am and have viewing of the dolphins until around 7.45am.  This gives visitors a chance to hear all about the history and attributes of our Australian Humpback Dolphins. Photographing is welcomed.

See you there.

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