Slow vehicle lanes needed

What are your thoughts on having a few slow vehicle lanes between Gympie and Rainbow Beach/Tin Can Bay/Cooloola Cove/Wallu?

Tony Stewart from the Rainbow Beach Chamber of Commerce and Tourism says with only one overtaking lane between here and Gympie, and a third of the road in double lines, there is no opportunity for overtaking. It can be very frustrating when you are following someone travelling 60 or 70km per hour!

He has been asking our government to look into this. Here’s what you had to say on Facebook:

Tania Theobald Great idea – lots of caravans and trucks traverse these roads, will make the journey easier on all.

Tracey Rampton Well and truly needed.

Jed Elmer Yes, yes and more yes!!! There are at least four places where they could make passing lanes. It’s actually dangerous the way it is.

Sare Bear Bear Definitely needed.. whilst they are at it a pedestrian crossing on Rainbow Beach Road and main shopping strip down 20 from 40kms.

Joe Raftery Plenty of overtaking places between Tin Can and Goomborian. Could use some more between Goomborian-Gympie, and Cove-Rainbow.

Michelle Eckel Would make it a lot safer

Beccy Davison Here’s a better idea…… How about more health and education services, example… doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, Xray + ultra sound, CAT etc, High School to Grade 12, another ambo or two with another ambulance!!

Denis Woodley There is only one safe passing lane on the Rainbow Road west of Bilewillam

Nomes Cole A turning lane to Cooloola Cove Cnr of RB and Queen Elizabeth Rds too please!

Julie Davidson Almost a must as we get so many caravans, boats etc., and it will only get worse…would be great

Donna Ireland The entire road to Rainbow

Cheryl Gett Yes!

Gladys Webb A big yes and about time. We’re always the forgotten people, time to make a noise.

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