Old Mill site “abandoned”

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines continues to manage an ongoing remediation project on unallocated state land at Clarkson Drive, Rainbow Beach, where a former mineral sands processing mill once operated.

A spokesperson for the Department of Natural Resources has advised that the department has finalised arrangements with a previous contractor.

Work to date on site has remediated an estimated 50 per cent of the area and approximately 25 per cent of the volume of material requiring remediation.

This has resulted in the removal of approximately 158,000 tonnes of contaminated material from site.

DNRM is committed to the responsible and cost-effective future management of the site.

The site is now being managed by the department’s Abandoned Mines Unit which is currently developing long-term management options.

Temporary fencing has been erected around the perimeter of the site to restrict unauthorised access and to secure some infrastructure remaining on site.

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