Nippers is abuzz

Lucas and Oliver get ready for boards

Lucas and Oliver get ready for boards

JAC Co-ordinator, Helen Brown

How great was it to see most of our Nippers back last Sunday after the Christmas break. The beach was abuzz with activity and happy pink rashie Nippers. A big thank you to the U14s who helped out with water safety. I am hoping that we can get some more help from the Active members in the future.

Also a big thank you to Justin for running the tube rescue sessions. This is a requirement for their certificates, it was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all participants.

Our final age championship day is on March 10, so hopefully we will have large attendance numbers. Unfortunately the weather hasn’t been kind to the Nipper program this season so here’s hoping we can have a good competition day.

We will need help with setting up the beach, recorders for each group and packing up. Please report to the sign-in desk if you are able to help out.

The end of the season is approaching and I hope to organise a team competition day, plus beach sprint and relay coaching!

Our trophy day and break up on March 31 are also in process. Once again we are asking for sponsors for the trophies and age manager gifts.

Last, but not least, thank you to those parents who helped out last month (some who were out of their comfort zone) while I was caught up with Aleeshia from Sunshine Coast Branch conducting our yearly audit. Thanks to everyone for allowing our audit to go well.

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