Local opposition is building against development plans for Cooloola National Park

 A few of the mature blackbutt trees at risk of being lost to make way for luxury cabins

A few of the mature blackbutt trees at risk of being lost to make way for luxury cabins

Public awareness is growing upon State Government plans to allow private development inside Cooloola National Park.

The Brisbane Times published three articles on the impacts facing Poona Lake in mid-February.

Links to these articles are listed at: https://www.protectparks.net/media-links

Since then, Protect Our Parks started a Facebook group to better connect people to this issue. This site gained 260 subscribers within 24 hours and subscription numbers are continuing to rise. The group can be seen and supported at:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/628388164907569 or search “Protect Our Parks” on Facebook.

Protect Our Parks started a new petition opposing the park development plan after the first petition to Queensland Parliament ended on 11 February.

Please see and support it at:  https://www.change.org/ProtectOurNationalParks

After a steady start, signatures on this new petition are now rapidly increasing as people become aware of it.

Please understand that we are not alone or unreasonable in opposing this development plan. A new nation-wide poll finds that:

  1. 91% agree national parks and conservation areas are critical to protect nature from resource extraction (including logging and mining
  2. 78% say they do not support any development in parks and protected areas at all
  3. There is support for small scale projects that help people enjoy nature such as public toilets, visitor centres, and interpretation areas.

Who then are our governments listening to when they make these private development plans? Apparently not the Australian public!

Read the full poll information at: https://vnpa.org.au/publications/polling-2022/

Greg Wood, Protect Our Parks

Submitted article. What are your thoughts on this proposed development? If you haven’t already, let us know your views at info@rbcn.com.au

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