Lighthouse maintenance works

lighthouse Julie HArtwigThe Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) operates the light and is currently conducting maintenance work on the tower. Work on the Double Island Point Lighthouse commenced on May 19 and is scheduled to finish around the end of August.

The AMSA spokesperson said there are several different works being conducted on the lighthouse during this period.

Firstly both the inside and outside of the lighthouse are being repainted as part of the normal maintenance schedule, this helps prevent corrosion and ensures the structure’s heritage values are protected.

The lighthouse is also undergoing some repairs to the concrete on the balcony and the lantern room floor.

As part of the concrete repairs a cathodic protection system is being installed. This system helps to prevent corrosion by running a small electric current through the steel reinforcements inside the concrete. The system effectively turns the lighthouse into a very large low powered battery protecting the internal structure from corrosion.

Double Island Point Lighthouse was established in 1884 and is still a very important light for coastal navigation in the area. In particular it assists ships to keep clear of Wolf Rock and several wrecks that lie in the vicinity. The light is solar powered and completely automated with a range of 18 nautical miles.

Workers are based in Rainbow Beach and there are about four people working on site at any one time with different workers coming and going as different parts of the project are completed.

QPWS is not involved with the works, but recently issued a public notice and park alert on the NPRSR website to inform visitors of the planned maintenance on Double Island Point Lighthouse. The walking track, information hut, and lookout will remain open. Construction noise may be experienced during working hours and access to some areas may be restricted.

Double Island Point Lighthouse Image courtesy Julie Hartwig, TCB Camera Club

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