Tin Can Bay drainage project

Gympie Regional Council takes the responsibility of environmental protection seriously. As such, work has temporarily ceased at the Groper Street (Tin Can Bay) drainage project after the discovery of the Cooloola Sedge Frog, a near-threatened species of frog.

The Cooloola Sedge Frog is native to our region and its protection is legislated under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act. To ensure the protection of this species, Council is working with the state government to prepare a Species Management Program.

The purpose of this program is to establish measures to mitigate the impact the project could have on the Cooloola Sedge Frog population during works and to ensure the species is protected moving forward.

The formulation of a Species Management Program can be a lengthy process. Council will inform the community of the recommencement date of the drainage project once the Species Management Program has been completed in accordance with legislation. If you have any questions regarding the project, please call Council on 1300 307 800.

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