It’s Manta Season

Manta Rays image by Wolf Rock Dive

Manta Rays image by Wolf Rock Dive

by Fiona Butler, Wolf Rock Dive

With an epic spell of weather in February, Wolf Rock Dive has been busy!

The water is between 26-27 degrees and we have had huge numbers of Eagle Rays on the site. Despite this warm water it seems to be manta season!

Manta rays are the biggest of the Ray family growing up to about 7m in wingspan.

The larger are oceanic mantas and the smaller are reef mantas, which we have been seeing regularly.

They can be identified not only by their size but also the different spot patterns on their underbelly.

Our reef mantas are using Wolf Rock as a cleaning station, where smaller cleaner wrasse bite off any parasites or dead skin as a free meal.

This means they are very chilled, swimming in circles, giving our divers a close experience. Visibility has generally been 15+metres.

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