History of Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach was gazetted as a Township in 1969, but before that there were many visitors exploring the area well before a track was dozed in to get here via road.

Many visitors came from Tin Can Bay by boat to Carlo Point and Inskip and fought their way through swamp and sandflies to fish from our beach and explore the area, then row back to Tin Can Bay with their catch.

Then came sand mining, and of course a track, then a road. Now it has been decided to publish a book about the town using contributed stories and photos provided by early residents that have seen the town develop through the decades from these early times.

Age is catching up with us all, and the time has come for stories to be jotted down and shared before the early yarns are lost forever. A few old pub stories would be great, or your business stories or just your general memories of your life in Rainbow Beach.

There are many legends that have been created in this small town, some still living to tell the tale, others have passed but their stories can live on in this book.

A lot of material has already come to hand but it would be appreciated if we can get even more people’s stories. There are many in Tin Can Bay who worked in the sand mining industry – I would love to hear from you too.

You may have received a letter in your mailbox already about this project, but if you haven’t  please don’t think that you aren’t included; there are so many people that have lived here over the years for extended amounts of time that it’s impossible to remember them all or find them.

If you lived here prior to 2000, when most of the development and changes happened, it would be appreciated if you could write down (or type) these memories/stories to share – even one page would be great. Photos of course would be amazing if you’d like them included.

Also, if you know any of these past residents who may not be on Facebook who you think should tell their story, they could be neighbours, relatives, old family friends, please let them know of the project and invite them to share as well.

Handwritten notes are fine, as someone will type them up for the book.

For more information, please contact Tony Stewart on 0408 767 930 or you can post your stories to PO Box 300, Rainbow Beach QLD 4581 or email them to rainbowfishing33@gmail.com

by Tony Stewart

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