Help police catch a ‘Big Fish’

By Senior Constable Mick Emery

As most of you are aware, July 1 kicked off the Rainbow Beach Fishing Competition for another year. For most, it was a fun and frantic week of fishing all day followed by weigh-ins between 4pm – 6pm.

Nights were then spent with fingers crossed while sitting through the prize draw, listening to the dulcet tones of the very witty MC.

Thanks must be given to our visiting police (from Maryborough) who were happy to stroll through the venue, meet patrons and no doubt enjoy hearing embellished tales about the ones that got away.

Unfortunately, fish weren’t the only species caught during the week, with police also catching a mixed bag of traffic and drug offenders.

One of those – who didn’t get away – was a 22-year-old Logan man who was the subject of a search warrant while he was staying in town.

It probably speaks volumes that this man had been in town only a matter of days before coming to the attention of police. Following capture, he was ‘released’ – to appear before the Gympie Magistrates Court later this month on drug charges.

In keeping with the fishing theme, it follows that police are always interested in information as to where to catch the ‘big fish’ – the dealers and suppliers in the drug trade.

These are people who have no social conscience, and are happy to make money from the desperation of others – and the social cost is huge.

Like any other big fish, the last thing we want is for the dealers to be let off the hook… If you have information about drugs in our community, please let us know directly, or call Crime-stoppers anonymously on 1800 333 000.

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