“If you wouldn’t say it to ya Nan, don’t write it on ya van”

Common sense? You would think so.

I’m incensed. I have just read some feedback on Wicked Campers – you know the ones plastered with slogans.

Local media have reported that on occasion the occupants have not been sold a caravan site in a Rainbow Beach, due to the offensive nature of their painted words.

Yet, some people say it is political correctness gone mad.

Perhaps these people haven’t read some of the slogans I have.

Or had to follow a camper from Gympie to here, or around the streets of our town.

Children soon ask – ” What’s XXXX or, so what does XXXX mean, Mum?”

It seems no aspect of sex or anatomy is off limits on some vans, and the derogatory nature of some of the comments is not what I want my sons or daughter to even have to contemplate at their tender ages.

Supporters of the vans assume we only see the vans infrequently or that only a minority carry an offensive comment – not realising that they are an everyday occurrence here in our backpacker magnet of a town.

We are told to broaden our tolerance of the vans and backpackers.

Yet our town relies on tourism and welcoming people here from all over the world, that is not the issue.

Comments say it is only “old people”, prudes or people without a sense of humour who are offended. It is good to hear that a Queensland body is making a stand.

RACQ Executive General Manager Advocacy Paul Turner said it was time for action on Wicked Campers rentals service, who routinely ignore adverse decisions handed to them by the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) to absolutely no consequence.

“As advocates for more than 1.5 million Queenslanders and their families, we’re saying very clearly to the State Government something needs to be done to hold this company, who are registered in Queensland, to account,” Mr Turner said.

“From despicable slogans encouraging dangerous driving, including drug-driving and running down native animals, to pornographic depictions and derogatory statements about women, we don’t want to see it on Queensland roads any longer.

“There’s no argument on free speech to be made here. There is a reason you can’t put messages like this on television or billboards, the same standard needs to be upheld in this case.

“This Government has pledged to place worthy emphasis on issues of violence against women; accordingly, these misogynistic, sexually predatory driving-billboards which are in breach of the advertising code, must no longer be ignored.”

I don’t want to see it either, glad to hear others feel the same. What do you think? Tell us on: www.facebook.com/RainbowBeachCommunityNews/

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