Hands-on learning leads to fun and fascination

By Tin Can Bay P-10 School

Brandon Roy and Beau Stevenson ready to launch their handmade rockets

Brandon Roy and Beau Stevenson ready to launch their handmade rockets

What a Blast!

What’s the best way to investigate the transfer and transformation of energy? Build a rocket!

This term that was the project for the Year Eight students of Tin Can Bay State School. Each student had the opportunity to build their own rocket, considering mass, size, balance and aerodynamics. Each rocket was then hand painted before they were fitted with CO2 canisters for testing.

The first blast off was on August 25, with many rockets travelling more than half of the school football field! Students recorded each distance travelled, reviewed their data and designs, then made modifications with the goal of increasing the distance for the next test.

What an awesome, engaging way to learn about energy!

Thanks Mr Dorey and Mr Arthur!

YEAR 1/2 & 2/3 SCIENCE

This term hands-on learning in Science was a bit wiggly as the students in the 1/2 and 2/3 classes were learning about changes in the life stages of living things.

Although we spent lots of time understanding the life cycles of butterflies and frogs, many students were more enthralled with our collection of real-life mealworms! It was fascinating to observe the mealworms undergo gradual changes as they became beetles before our eyes.

Students used their experiences with the mealworms to communicate observations to each other, record observations, make comparisons with other living things and draw and label diagrams.

Mrs Battaglene and Miss Gradwell were very proud of the learning that occurred and the great respect and responsibility that students showed when caring for and feeding the class mealworms.

Students loved the interactive learning activities, with some wanting to take the mealworms home to watch another life cycle occur!


Tin Can Bay State School - Book Week winners

Book Week winners

What a wonderful celebration we had for Book Week! It was great to see so many students reading, sharing their favourite stories and participating in the activities in the library each day, including making crowns, bookmarks, sun catchers and the shrink keyrings that were out of this world!

Engaging in books and reading is not only important in the development of language and vocabulary, but it also expands the mind, helps enable creative thinking, helps to reduce stress, is a great conversation starter, builds knowledge and improves writing and analytical skills. What great reasons to keep turning the pages of your book!

Our Book Week culminated with the major event – the Book Character Parade! The outfits were exceptional! It was very hard to choose the winners, but choose we did with lots of cheering!

Thank you to all the students and teachers for proudly wearing your costumes for the Book Week Parade and thank you to all the family members who came along to watch! The turn-out was our best yet!

A special thank you to Mrs Dan and Mrs Turner for organising such a wonderful week of book-themed fun!

If you weren’t able to come along on the day, check out the school Facebook page for more photos.

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