4WD training at Rainbow

Ambulance Training - Toyota Landcruiser Troopy You might have noticed a large contingent of ambulance officers at Rainbow Beach recently doing 4WD training.

I caught up with Jeremy Taylor, Assistant Superintendent of the Queensland Ambulance Service Education Centre(QAS) to see why they train at Rainbow Beach.

“Because Roadcraft Gympie is one of the contracted providers for 4WD training by the QAS we try to train in areas that closely replicate the environments that we operationally respond to.

“Rainbow Beach is such a good environment as it offers a diversity of environments especially the cuttings which you don’t get in other areas.”

Jeremy said they train ten people every four-to-six weeks and said It’s a rolling course for existing staff or and for staff who have recently joined QAS that are being assigned to regions where they will be operationally driving 4WD’s.

“It is important for us to try and simulate the environment in which the ambulances will be used if a situation occurs which requires us to access the beach.

“Sand driving is the most difficult on vehicles and in Rainbow we have a great place for day and night, soft and hard sand and it is quite diverse with the bush, sand and water crossings.”

He said that given Roadcraft’s location, Rainbow Beach was a perfect fit geographically and that the paramedics who train come from all corners of the state to undertake the training.

“QAS have had 757 staff undertake the specialised 4WD training to date and the course is for staff from all stations which require 4WDs to serve our community.

“It is definitely a highly sought after opportunity and lots of paramedics enjoy the training and  seek out the course.

He said the feedback from the staff was overwhelmingly positive and the drivers take their new knowledge back to their stations,especially winching, safe use of a 4WD, tyres and safe water crossing.”

“Rainbow always provides us with a great environment and the locals have always welcomed us and we find it’s a perfect community to undertake the training we need to do.”

And before you ask…..they love the Toyota Landcruiser Troopy on the beach as “it’s a short wheel base and lighter on the beach”.

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