GRC Corporate Plan 2022-27 Goes Live

GRC Corporate Plan Gympie regions 2022The leading strategic document for Gympie Regional Council was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting held on 25 May  and is now available for viewing on Council’s website.

Mayor Glen Hartwig states in the Corporate Plan 2022-27 that it is ‘the most important key strategic planning tool your Council has developed because it defines our vision for the future of the Gympie region.’

The plan highlights statistical aspects of the Gympie Region as a whole and the Council’s Mission to leave a positive legacy for future generations by embracing progress through good planning and efficient service delivery which supports the Vision of what Council aspires to achieve over the coming five years.

The three vision themes are:

  • Wellbeing: Our community’s wellbeing will be supported by our natural and built assets that are accessible, maintained, and developed to cater for current and future needs including spaces for living, working, learning, sport, and recreation that enhances liveability, nurtures creativity, and encourages healthy living.
  • Strong communities: Our resilient communities will be respected, connected, and supported by fostering strong community values and embracing diversity.
  • Opportunities: Our region will maximise the opportunities presented by our location, heritage and people to attract projects and industries in a balanced and sustainable way.

There are also three Key Response Areas that have strategic priorities, pathways and performance measures.

1. Community and Environment 

Our communities have infrastructure and spaces for living, working, learning, sport and recreation that supports and caters for growth and enables the community to be inclusive, connected and safe. Natural ecosystems are conserved and enhanced and our built environment embraces biodiversity, sustainability and heritage.

2. Infrastructure and Economic Opportunity 

Our planning and infrastructure seeks to meet foreseeable future needs to support economic development, community enhancement and residents’ wellbeing.3. Organisation 

Gympie Regional Council is an organisation that understands the community, and delivers services efficiently and effectively through highly engaged staff.

Division 1 Councillor Jess Milne encourages all residents to jump onto the Council website and have a read of the document.

‘I urge everyone to be familiar with the Corporate Plan 2022-27 as Council must discharge its responsibilities in a way that is consistent with its 5-year corporate plan and I am open to receiving any feedback about the new plan,’ Cr Milne explained.

To read more about the strategic priorities, pathways and performance measures in the Gympie Regional Council Corporate Plan 2022-27 go to

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