GP services increased to three days in Rainbow Beach

Cooloola Coast Clinic LogoThe good news is that Cooloola Coast Clinic has engaged a new doctor to commence work at both Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach from May 2016.

A representative advised, “We will be servicing the Rainbow Beach Medical Practice for three full days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 8am to 5pm.”

On another positive, afternoons will mean teens and children will not need to miss school to attend a routine appointment.

The Community News was informed that there will be a different GP every day.

We asked if there was any chance to stagger days over the week, rather than three consecutive days, and was advised this was not an option.

So best get sick on a Monday!

And if you want continuity of care (i.e. to see the same practitioner) make sure you plan your illnesses on the same day of the week (Monday to Wednesday that is).

In January the Practice Owner, Dr Peter Martin, advised us:

“Every Rainbow Beach resident who requests an appointment will get an appointment that session or the next working day. Appointments can also be made up to 2 weeks in advance as at present.”

Although the team has been very accommodating, we have been advised by community members that the high demand on services has not always made this possible.

We hope that the increase in hours (although not planned to be at the same hours as last year) improves access to medical care.

Unfortunately, the concentration of hours in the beginning of the week will still mean residents at Rainbow Beach and tourists will still have no access to medical care from 5pm Wednesday to 8am Monday. Likely necessitating more trips to Tin Can Bay, Gympie or Maryborough.

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