Fraser Island holidaymakers urged to be dingo safe

 Easter holiday visitors to Fraser Island are being urged to heed dingo safety information, consider staying in fenced campgrounds, and act responsibly around the animals.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) Fraser Coast Area Manager Ross Belcher said that as the Easter break coincided with the dingo mating season, visitors were urged to take extra care.

“From March to May each year, dingoes are mating, testing dominance, protecting territories and expelling intruders from other packs,” Mr Belcher said.

“Adults compete to mate and will fight to protect their territory, and some dingoes can also try to dominate humans.

“In addition to our usual patrols and monitoring of dingo activity, rangers will be visiting campsites regularly to provide advice, and QPWS will send an extra safety reminder via SMS to campers.

“Campers, day visitors and residents should be aware of and follow the ‘Be Dingo-safe’ information:

  • Children must be supervised at all times and never left alone.
  • walk in groups
  • never feed dingoes
  • lock up food stores and iceboxes
  • pack away food scraps and
  • store fish and bait correctly.

“Safety information is available at, and QPWS offices at Maryborough, Rainbow Beach and Tewantin, and visitors must read it before arriving on the island.

“We urge families with children to camp in fenced campgrounds at Central Station, Dundubara, Lake Boomanjin, Dilli Village, Waddy Point or the newly fenced K’Gari campground.”

Mr Belcher said dingoes were not like domestic dogs.

“Dingoes are wild, unpredictable animals, and anyone who ignores QPWS warnings are putting themselves at risk.

“Feeding dingoes or leaving food available are offences that attract on-the-spot fines of $330 or court penalties of up to $4400.”

To report a dingo incident contact a ranger as soon as possible or phone 13 74 68 (13 QGOV) or email

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